International pet and house sitting -- how it works

We are Laurie and Keith who have been pet/house sitting since we retired four years ago.  This website explains how free in-home pet sitting works and the benefits to both pet owners....and those wanting to extend their travel budgets.

Free international in-home pet sitters

Pet/house sitting is a win/win for both pet sitters -- and the pet/homeowner. The homeowners travel with the peace of mind knowing that their home and pet(s) are being exceptionally well cared for -- while avoiding costly boarding expenses.  Pet sitters -- like us -- get to enjoy extended periods of time in beautiful cities around the world giving lots of love to pets and homes.

How does it work?  Homeowners post their listing on one of several house/pet sitting websites detailing the location and dates they need a sitter.  They include information on the pet(s), the pet's needs and any special requirements.  There are a number of online sites, but our favorite is Trusted Housesitters (US) 

Pet sitters like us then review the postings and respond to the house/pet sits via a secured website.  Pet sitters pay to get themselves to the sit and obviously pay for food.  But accommodations are free, in exchange for caring of the home, the pet, the garden and if needed, swimming pools, spas, etc.

Read more about the benefits to:

       A) Pet/home owners looking for qualified individuals who'll care for their home and pet(s) for free

       B) Those thinking about becoming non-paid in-home pet sitters especially retirees who have the time, freedom and interest in travel -- including international travel.

For those who love to travel, house/pet sitting allows the opportunity to "live like locals" versus staying in a sterile hotel.  You'll met the most wonderful and gracious people along the way.  In-home non-paid pet and house sitting is extremely popular in the UK and Australia.  Yet, most people we talk to haven't heard about the concept.

 We hope these tips help you either find a great free in-home house/pet sitter....or start your own adventure traveling around the world!